Vaping in Kaiser

Between classes it’s not an uncommon sight to see some students in the bathrooms or in corners pulling out vapes and using them in between classes. Since Nicotine is a drug, it falls under a Class A offense, meaning that the police can be called if you are caught with a vaping device with you. 


Vaping and smoking is a huge problem worldwide. It’s bad for your health and will damage your body and get you addicted fast. Even if it’s labeled as being more healthy than cigarettes, vaping is just as bad, if not worse than them. According to studies, one in ten middle to high school students vape in the United States.


Over the past few years,  have noticed a lot of vaping on campus. one student said that “I have seen and smelled it” and that teachers “Should prohibit vaping more and make more rules for it.” He didn’t specify much else.


“I have seen vaping here and there across the school,”  said Benjamin Augusten, “You could also set up smoke detectors to detect vape smoke.”


The teachers are only partly aware of the problem, Mr. Watchi, a Japanese teacher here, remarked that he has never caught anyone smoking in the bathrooms yet. His solution to the problem was to put cameras by the entrance to catch people since having security guards man the bathrooms all the time wouldn’t be practical. 


Ms Psak remarked that she has seen people on occasion smoke in the restrooms during the school year here at Kaiser. Her opinion on stopping the problem would be having the bathrooms be more policed and monitored by people along with having less bathrooms available to use.