Kaiser Volleyball

Kimberly McCoy, Sports Editor

The Kaiser men’s volleyball team’s season has officially begun and they are off to a great start! Varsity has gone undefeated during the preseason, and is currently on a 5-2 winning streak in the regular season. The coaches and athletes have set their expectations high for this season. According to Gabriel Singleman (a junior on the varsity team), “Our season is going really well so far. We have a couple of our players leading in stats in multiple areas, and that says a lot.” The athletes and coaches are incredibly confident that based off of their recent performance, the team will have an outstanding season. 

In order to continue to pursue success and have a strong season, the athletes have been working hard to improve their performance and prepare for competition. The volleyball team practices Monday through Friday from 4 pm – 7 pm. “The practices are high intensity and we are all working very hard to reach our goals,” says Cobe Kawakami (a junior on the varsity team). The team is constantly fine-tuning their athletic abilities, and always searching for improvement.

The ultimate goal is to make it to states, which the team believes is attainable if they continue to work hard and stay healthy. As the season progresses, the athletes and coaches are beyond eager to continue to improve and play hard. Great things are awaiting the Kaiser Cougars!

Photo by Kinue Miller