Stress in School

It is 2022 and the school year is well underway and midterm finals are coming up at the end of the quarter. For many of us, this is the first or second year back in person, and keeping up with classes is harder than ever. For many students, there is a lot of stress and anxiety because of school. Grades, social life and other aspects are popping up more and getting harder to manage. There are a multitude of reasons behind the stress, maybe you have strict parents urging you to get good grades, maybe you are striving to get into a good collage or maybe you are backlogged with lots of assignments. Whatever the reason is, it is causing you stress.
“Definitely yeah, feels like if i fail i won’t have a successful life”
-Aiden Maes
Stress is not totally a bad thing though, it keeps us focused and on track, but if we get too stressed it can impact us negatively. Some of the more negative aspects of stress are anxiety, fatigue, over or under eating, sleep problems, depression and more. On a scale from one to ten, adults average at around 3.8 while high schoolers are a whole 2 points higher at 5.8! Along with this, about 75% of high school students feel often or always feeling stress when doing school work.

So, this does sound bad but there is hope, there are lots of things you can do to limit or lessen the stress on you. Some of these things are trying to get more sleep, making time for the things you enjoy to take the edge off of work, talking about it to someone can also help whether it’s a parent or a friend, or even writing about it can help you a lot.
“I usually take deep breaths or relax to calm myself down”
-Destry Nehara

To wrap this up, there are many things in school that cause stress in ourselves and our friends. Even if it’s good at manageable levels, stress is pretty bad for your physical and social life. Knowing how to deal with it can help you a lot, and keep your head in the game.