All The Information You Need For The College Preparation & Application Process

All The Information You Need For The College Preparation & Application Process

Yusuf Siddiqui, Staff Writer

Each college has a slightly distinct set of requirements for the various components of completed admissions applications. Some universities use their own distinct application process. Others utilize the Common Application, which allows you to submit applications to numerous schools through a single platform, saving you a significant amount of time. Despite the format, colleges request the following information on the application form; application fee, discipline violations(such as suspensions or expulsions), extra curricular activities, honors, personal information, summer activities. 

Another thing you can submit on your college application is your standardized test scores. You would have to submit certified reports in addition to the SAT and/or ACT scores you listed in your college application. During the test registration process or after receiving your results, you can choose the colleges to which you want to send your test results. Additionally, many universities need you to submit the scores of any AP or SAT subject exams you may have taken. 

Another requirement you would need for your college application is your official transcript. Every course you took during high school is listed on your official transcript, as well as the grades and credits you received. Your school college counselor is often the one that sends the transcript directly from your high school to the universities, so it’s good to be sure to let them know about all the colleges you are applying to as well as any important deadlines. Also you can have teacher recommendations as well. To do that you would have to ask your teachers to write you one, which is why it’s important to develop good relationships with teachers early on in your high school life so that you’re more likely to receive those teacher recommendations. They’re meant to give colleges some insight on how you perform academically within the classroom, and some insight on your personality from their perspective if applicable.

A final note I would like to add is although other people may have submitted some of the components of your application, you’re still entirely in charge of ensuring that all of those applications arrive on time. The earlier you check with your school college counselor and teachers who will be writing recommendations for you, the more likely it is that they will be ready to submit parts of your college application. Once you have done that, you may check each college’s online application portal to see if they’ve received all of your materials on time.