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Devon Ku, Staff Writer

What is up with this crazy bathroom situation? Our bathrooms have been closed or broken down for a while now.  Kaiser has been experiencing problems involving broken sinks, clogged toilets, and no trash cans. Why hasn’t the school done anything about this or made an announcement about this situation?

 It is unsanitary and not acceptable for our Kaiser students. We have to throw personal items away outside of the stall and have to walk across campus to find a restroom that is working in order. There are multiple things broken in our school, but there is nothing being done about it and our voices are not being heard. 

To use the restroom be prepared to wait in long lines, making you late for class. Also, you’ll have to throw personal items away in the trash can located outside of the bathroom where everyone can see what is being thrown away.  It is embarrassing. And the crowded bathroom can be intimidating. 

 So what do we want to be done about this situation? We want more trash cans, sinks that actually work, and more bathrooms to use.  

Teachers should be more understanding with the bathroom time because most bathrooms are very far away from the buildings which seem unreasonable. With the bathrooms being so far away from classes, 5 minutes does not seem like enough time to get there, do your business, and walk back to the classroom. We should not be punished for taking a bit longer to do our business because of what the bathroom situation is like. 

Another issue in the bathroom is the stalls running out of toilet paper which is challenging for everybody who uses the bathroom. 

Even little things can help us, such as adding more trash cans in the stalls to throw away personal hygiene items. Kaiser administration needs to focus on the safety of our students and not turn a blind eye to these increasingly harmful issues. The school bathrooms have been closed for four months now which is a very long time and we haven’t got an update on what is going to happen or what has been done. Safety and sanitation have to be the first priority for our students. It seems like they’re pushing off the bathroom problem and trying to fix small problems first. 

Let’s not brush past the other issues that our school has been challenged with such as lights falling on students, buildings walls crumbling, and graffiti. Even though the graffiti has slowed down and is not as present, it is still challenging and upsetting to see the beautiful campus destroyed.

This is an ongoing problem and we need answers and solutions to these problems. Will the bathrooms ever be open again? Why are the bathroom sinks broken and filled with green, scummy water? These questions need to be answered?