Thankful and Grateful


Devon Ku, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is one of the most wonderful times of the year. It’s all about being grateful for what life has given us and the amazing things we have. This Thanksgiving we should all be a little more thankful since these past few years have been a roller coaster.  

This holiday season, Kaiser’s AVID classes are doing a Toys for Tots drive. They collected various household items, including toiletries, clothes, and toys. The drive is running from November 21st to December 9th.  The school also held a food drive in November.  

To help us get into the holiday spirit, students shared what they are thankful for this year, as well as their favorite holiday food.  

“I am grateful for my family and good health,” said junior Ally Tokunaga.  My favorite holiday food is apple pie.” 



“I would say my friends and family, because they provide me with a support system and help me navigate the world at the level that is natural for me,” said junior Sam Lake.  “My favorite holiday food is mash potatoes and apple pie”.




“I am grateful for my teachers because they are very nice and I enjoy their classes,” said 11th-grader Graham Griffin.  “My favorite holiday food is cornbread”. 





“I am thankful for all the opportunities I’ve been given in life and school,” said junior Gabe Singleman. “My favorite holiday food is sweet potato casserole and apple pie with ice cream.”




“I am thankful for my dogs,” said 11th Grader Janessa Lapid.  “My favorite holiday food is pumpkin pie.” 



“ I am thankful for the new friends I made and my parents,” said 11th Grader Luna Brown.   “My favorite Thanksgiving food is sweet potato pie”.





At the end of the day, we should all be a little more grateful for each other and the opportunities we have. I hope we all have a wonderful holiday season.