Showstopping Students: Bye Bye Birdie

Sam Lake, Staff Writer

This April, Kaiser High School will have their annual drama production in the Blackbox theater.

The Kaiser Drama Club produces and runs a yearly program for friends and family to enjoy. Students work together in set design, tech, costumes, and performance to put on the show of a lifetime, (or, the school year). 

The drama club’s play has been a yearly tradition of Kaiser’s performing arts program. Some of the previous shows, such as Guys and Dolls (2022), have become recognizable occasions. Students, friends, and families look forward to seeing the hard work put in by everyone involved. While there is no longer theater as an elective class, the drama club is still standing strong as the years go by. 

The musical being performed this year is Bye Bye Birdie, written by Michael Stewart with music from Charlie Strouse. Directed by Kaiser alumni Neil Frankel, it centers around a struggling songwriter, Albert, and fictional singer Conrad Birdie, who is set to perform a song on live television to a young fan, despite her jealous boyfriend. The plot was based on the drafting of 1950s singer Elvis Presley into the U.S. army. 

Starring in the production are Kaiser students across all four grades. Seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen make up the cast of characters, performing as leads or ensemble members. This year’s cast has marked the first sophomore lead yet. Over the course of several months, they will rehearse, plan, and practice their scenes and numbers. Everything used in the production will have been purchased or created by the Kaiser students, such as props and costumes. Due to a limited budget, the resourcefulness used by these students can be seen through all aspects. 

If you are interested in supporting the drama club, lemonade can be purchased for four dollars at the Kaiser Farmers market every Tuesday from 4-6 p.m. Funds earned from this, alongside ticket sales, will be used to help purchase better props, technology, and hire help for both present and future productions. 

To promote the upcoming show, the cast will perform a short medley of songs from the musical at Springfest. The Springfest will be at Kaiser High School from 3pm to 8:30pm on March 24th.

During the last few weekends of April, several shows will be run. A total of six shows have been planned, opening on April 20 at Kaiser High School’s Blackbox theatre, located in G building of Kaiser campus, across from the band room. Current showtimes are April 20-22 and the 26th to the 28th.

With combined efforts from students and faculty, the drama program is able to showcase their talents and team working abilities while providing entertainment for family and friends.

More information is set to come about ticket sales.