Kaiser Swimming is Starting Off!


Kaiser swimmer is racing in the breaststroke.

Kimberly McCoy

The excitement of standing on the starting blocks, diving into the water, and racing to the finish against competition, all while a crowd of people cheer and roar is what the Kaiser swim team gets to experience during their season. The team has been working very hard to prepare for the swim season, which is coming up soon and the athletes are very eager to compete. 


The Kaiser swim team meets at the Kaiser pool every weekday to practice. Practices consist of speed work, form work, and endurance work to help athletes become more skillful in each swim stroke, and become better swimmers overall. According to the Kaiser swim coach, Coach Asa, “I work my athletes very hard and expect the best from them. Kaiser has a strong swim history and I intend to keep it that way.”


Everybody, regardless of experience or athletic ability, is welcomed to join the swim team as long as the individual is willing to give their best effort. The coaches, and athletes, are all very welcoming of new members. Coach Jaz, the assistant coach, says, “We have many swimmers who are trying swim out for the first time, and we’re willing to work with everybody.” 


The first meet is next week Saturday, November 19th and will be hosted at Kalani High School. The athletes are extremely excited to swim their events and begin what is soon to be an amazing season!